Part I

This training will equip individuals with an understanding of what is ā€œelection integrity,ā€ what happened in the lead up to the 2020 election, and what we can do now and in our own communities to protect our most basic civil right ā€“ the right to vote and participate  in free and fair elections.

Come and Learn:

  • History of Changes to Election Laws
  • What Happened in 2020 and other important election trends
  • What You Can Do About It

Part II

The key to any successful effort is moving from knowledge to ACTION!  This new training will equip individuals with the tools to be successful leaders for free and fair elections and to protect our most basic right ā€“ the right to vote.

Come and Learn:

  • What is Election Law and Election Integrity
  • What You Can Do About It
  • Building Your Own ACTION Plan

Part III

This training focuses on ways you can protect our electoral integrity inside the polling stations in your state. If you plan to help inside the polls this year or in the future, join us!

Come and Learn:

  • Available paid and unpaid positions
  • What to expect
  • Important ways to help ensure secure elections in your state.